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A Word From The Chariman
The Franchising Concept is one of the most direct means of assisting the development of our national economy, and an effective vehicle, for marketing both goods and services.
"The franchise" is a business format that provides a bridge to western technology and the worldwide standard, for achieving worthwhile investments. Franchisors, through their experience and technology, have been capable of meeting the global changing market demands. They provide their technical know-how in quality control and product development, as well as management skills, covering all business aspects: from operations, finance, accounting, sales, marketing and training. Thus, franchisees are able to replicate a successfully implemented business, and invest in a small and/or medium size enterprise, with a proven success record, to get a rewarding return on their investments.

Hopefully the replicated business would become a distinctive franchise that could be expanded locally and exported Worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to embark on a market-driven Economy, not just production driven.

Franchising is the best Formula for our challenges, and of great importance to Egypt and the entire MENA region, as well as to the consumer, and the businessman.

For Egypt:

We possess the human resources, but lack the adequate technology to best develop and employ these resources. The following are 5 key issues, among many, which the franchise can provide:

  1. It avails successful projects in many fields, and creates Successful entrepreneurs.
  2. It secures jobs.
  3. It provides technical know-how, and develops management skills.
  4. It upgrades feeding industries to worldwide standards.
  5. It activates and grows the retails market, for example. franchising accounts for 40% of retail business in the states, and 20% in France.

To the consumer:

  1. The consumer is the main driving force behind its success. Franchising upgrades the quality of the offered goods and services and through its expansion, reduces the cost/unit offered to the consumer.
  2. It enhances competition in the retail market.

To The Business:

  1. When the franchise grows and develops, it will be more feasible to manufacture goods with worldwide standards that are more likely to be exported, or even replace imported goods.
  2. It will create a pool of well-versed and groomed businessmen capable of furthering the development of the private sector.

Our Ultimate Goal is to:

  1. Create a new category of young entrepreneurs capable of effectively and efficiently operating their owned businesses with minimum risk.
  2. Additionally, these new entrepreneurs will be empowered, to develop their own Egyptian franchise, to be exported to the world at large.

The success of each individual franchise, in a given country, is a success of the concept as a whole and instills the confidence in its national economy. Therefore, the Egyptian Franchise Development Association (EFDA), an NGO, was established in 2001 with the aim of supporting and developing the franchise industry in Egypt.

It started with 16 businessmen, who practically own and operate more than 40 renowned international franchise brands, and are willing to volunteer their expertise, time and effort to support the business community at large. The EFDA members create the necessary awareness, liaise closely with the government, and establish effective interaction between the potential franchisees, and interested franchisors form all over the world.

Our joint efforts have materialized in inviting more than 80 International and national companies with various business lines, and introducing Egyptian potential franchisors.

I urge you to benefit from the prevailing business environment, and the government’s support to small and medium businesses, under the leadership of H.E president Mubarak. You are availed a unique opportunity, not only to succeed and grow, but also to actively participate in the growth of our national economy. You will find these opportunities worthwhile, and investments gratifying

I wish you success, and good luck.

Moataz Al-Alfi